4 • 30 • 2019 ••• BLESS YOU GOOFY

w/ Cal’s Game Night founder and super-host Cal Iseminger

Dennis visits the Irvine, California apartment of Cal Iseminger, founder of Cal's Game Night, a company that facilitates kick-ass game nights in people's homes. He talks about growing up in a game-loving family, how his hobby of hosting game nights turned into a business, his first paying party with a guest list full of celebrities, the types of games his company offers, the two celebrities that are the most competitive, doing corporate events for places like Warner Bros. and Disney and the most fulfilling part of his job. Cal also discusses what it's like to show up at the houses of the super rich, having to tell CEO big shots that they're wrong, how he handles prizes and the celebrity whose sweet tweet gave Cal's Game Night a big boost.   Other topics include: leading a fitness class dressed as Goofy on a Disney Cruise, working as a background actor on Desperate Housewives when he first got to LA, his obsession with film composer John Williams, opening and closing a games restaurant, his worst audition ever, doing game nights on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and that time Lisa Kudrow couldn't figure out that the answer she couldn't come up with was Friends. www.calsgamenight.com 


w/ Frank Decaro, Doria Biddle, Jim Colucci, Ken Kleiber, Dennis & YDKML co-creator Jeb Havens all playing YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE!

For this episode, Dennis brings together four of the personalities from the popular, long-running Sirius / XM OutQ radio show The Frank Decaro Show to play the party game he co-created You Don't Know My Life! On hand for the hijinks are: host-with-the-most Frank Decaro, his delightfully dry co-host Doria Biddle, Must-Hear TV Guy Jim Colucci and Great-White-Gay-on-the-Great-White-Way Ken Kleiber. Also playing the game are Dennis and YDKML co-creator Jeb Havens. The questions that come up include: What's a song lyric you discovered you'd been singing wrong for years? What's the most outrageous thing you've done in pursuit of a crush? When was a time you should have kept your big mouth shut? What was your favorite or most memorable birthday? Tell us a story involving a bicycle or motorcycle and what item that you lost, misplaced or had stolen do you most wish you could have back?

Pick up the game on Amazon or at www.youdontknowmylife.com

4 • 12 • 2019 ••• I WANT TO BE TONY MOSS

w/ producer Lotti Pharriss Knowles (Goddess: The Fall and Rise of Showgirls)

Dennis visits the San Fernando Valley apartment of producer Lotti Pharriss Knowles, co-producer of the upcoming documentary Goddess: The Fall and Rise of Showgirls. The film is all about the making, the flopping and the re-appreciating of the 1995 movie Showgirls. She talks about her longtime obsession with the film, how the film brought her together with her husband, their Showgirls themed wedding in Vegas, her favorite scenes and characters and the thrill of dressing up as "Revenge Nomi" for Halloween.Dennis shares his memories of interviewing Elizabeth Berkley for Detour magazine on the eve of the film's release. Other topics include: the film's controversial rape scene, her desire to be Tony Moss, her lowest point professionally, Kickstarter stress, semi-stalking Jason Bateman, how she learned the facts of life and the movie she saw when she was way too young to see it. 


w/ author and former White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard (Treating People Well)

Dennis visits the Los Angeles home of Jeremy Bernard, former White House Social Secretary under President Obama and co-author of the book Treating People Well, which he wrote with Lea Berman, Social Secretary under George W. Bush. Jeremy talks about how the idea of writing the book came about, being the first man to serve in the position of Social Secretary, interviewing for the job with Michelle Obama and the running joke he has with the Obamas about his dancing. He also discusses the Obama's goal of inviting as many different people to the White House as possible, how his sexual orientation affected his job or not, meeting the Obamas back in the 2008 election, making the decision to leave and his biggest screw-up. Other topics include: growing up in Texas, his favorite memories of President Obama, living in DC, the scarcity of White House souvenirs, working with the White House calligraphers, getting Prince to the White House, meeting Frank Sinatra at Don Rickles' house, remembering people's names, the tip Anna Wintour gave him, the deliciousness of Shake Shack, being e-mail buddies with Aretha Frankln, his favorite room in the White House, the power of President Clinton's charisma, coming out to his parents and that time he slipped and fell in front of the First Lady. 


This is a photo Dennis took of a photo in Jeremy’s home. The President and Jeremy doing the “Jeremy dance” together while Michelle Obama looks on and laughs.

This is a photo Dennis took of a photo in Jeremy’s home. The President and Jeremy doing the “Jeremy dance” together while Michelle Obama looks on and laughs.

An inscription from President Obama in a gift book. Love that handwriting.

An inscription from President Obama in a gift book. Love that handwriting.