w/ writer-director Del Shores, producer-actor Emerson Collins, actress Ann Walker, theme song singer Blake McIver and Sordid superfan Scott Nevins

Dennis hits the Los Angeles premiere of Del Shores' new film "A Very Sordid Wedding" in Beverly Hills to talk to Del about getting the film made, the joys of fan art and the moment in the film that makes him laugh no matter how many times he's seen it. Dennis also talks to producer and co-star Emerson Collins about playing a bad boy, herding cats on the set and why accounting's a drag. Actress Ann Walker talks about attending screenings where fans turn up in drag and tells us something about Del Shores that his fans wouldn't know. Also on hand are Blake McIver who sings the film's theme song and appears on screen as a shirtless Stoli boy and Bravo-lebrity Scott Nevins who came out to support his People's Couch pals Emerson and Blake. www.averysordidwedding.com


w/ Jeffrey Vail, Forest Supervisor at Angeles National Forest

Dennis visits the downtown LA loft apartment of Jeffrey Vail to talk about his job as Forest Supervisor of Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. Jeffrey talks about what it's like to oversea over 300 employees and 700,000 acres, his favorite photo op in the forest, the rumored rivalry between Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl and that he had a moment with a deer that made him feel like a certain British dame (see title). He also discusses working with Hollywood on having film and TV projects shot in the forest, the danger of wildfires, being openly gay in the Forest Service and why he came out to his staff on his very first day. Other topics include: his favorite waste of time, that time he almost got trampled by an elephant, the belt buckle he cherishes, the mantra he took from "Sunday in the Park with George" and the NBA superstar he sat next to at "The Nutcracker." https://www.fs.usda.gov/angeles

Jeffrey's with his favorite souvenir from a job.

Jeffrey's with his favorite souvenir from a job.

8 • 15 • 2017 ••• I'M A PARACHUTE BABY

w/ Baby Steps writer, director and star Barney Cheng

Dennis heads to West Hollywood to interview Barney Cheng, the writer, director and co-star of the new LGBT-themed movie "Baby Steps," which hit VOD on August 15th. Barney talks about his inspiration for the story, landing Grace Guei AKA "the Meryl Streep of Asia" to play his mother, shooting in Weho, Tawain and India, the scene where he had to cry on camera, the six-month odyssey of getting the film made and the film's Ang Lee connection. He also discusses the reaction to the film when it screened in Tawain, from getting emails from young gay viewers to his mother watching the film for the first time to being invited by the U.S. State Department to screen the film at U.S.embassies in throughout Asia. He also talks about his breakout role as an actor as Woody Allen's right-hand in "Hollywood Ending," and what he learned from Woody about directing that he brought to "Baby Steps." Other topics include: the Tiger Mom phenomenon, what it means to be a parachute baby, the massage he got thanks to Tom Cruise, his dream of being a Broadway chorus boy and his surprising back-up career plan...farming. https://goo.gl/xYNKME

8 • 10 • 2017 ••• I LOVE EVERYTHING CORNY

w/ yoga instructor and Vinyasa Vault founder Jake Ferree

Dennis visits the West Hollywood apartment of his favorite yoga teacher Jame Ferree to talk about his recent travels (Miami, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali), how he got into yoga, why he loves it, how teaching it continues to move him and his new series of online classes Vinyasa Vault. Jake talks about being gang-rushed by kleptomaniac monkeys in Bali, not driving a car for seven months, how yoga brought up buried emotions that surprised him, taming the negative voices in his head through yoga, giving "pussy" a rest and what it's like to see his students go through big emotions in front of him. He talks about the cool yoga photos he takes in his travel and the one location where the idea of doing a handstand really freaked him out. He also shares the story of losing a close friend suddenly and how that loss has impacted his life and hie practice. He talks about studying Shamanism as part of a month-long retreat in Peru and his experiences with the plant medicine Ayahuasca. Other topics include: coming out, being born three months early, sandwich artistry, paper bag poetry, having a stutter as a kid, his jet-setting parents, the Diane Lane movie that gives him hope and the yoga pose he practiced every day for a year until he finally got it. www.jakeferree.com


w/ financial mentor and actor Miata Edoga

Dennis visits the Actors Fund offices in Los Angeles to interview financial mentor and actor Miata Edoga who Dennis met when he took Miata's life-changing six-week course called "Managing Cash Flow for Actors." Miata talks about coming to L.A. to pursue a career in acting and ending up working eleven part time jobs and still being broke and the moment of crisis that inspired her to get a handle on her finances. She also talks about the myth of the struggling artist and the idea that if you aren't broke and suffering, you're not really committed to your art and pokes some holes in the misguided notion that if as artists, we do something else for money and are good at it and enjoy it then the Hollywood Gods won't smile on us because we obviously don't want it enough. She lays out some of the mistakes creative types make with their money when they do catch that big break, what your credit score really says about you (not that much) and why some say L.A. is the tax audit capitol of the U.S. Other topics include: what her parents think of her success, the one-woman show she wrote and performed, starting her own company Abundance Bound, teaching her children about money, her wrist tattoo and how awesome it is when Keanu Reeves jumps onto the bus in "Speed." www.abundancebound.com