w/ Santa Jaws actor and singer Haviland Stillwell

Dennis visits the West Hollywood apartment of actor-singer Haviland Stillwell, one of the stars of the Syfy Channel's new let's-hope-it's-a-franchise film Santa Jaws. She talks about how she came to be in the movie, doing her first real stunt in a film, running around in a bikini and her hopes that the film will be the new Sharknado. She talks about performing on Broadway in Les Miserables and Fiddler on the Roof, shares her peak Broadway moment and recalls the prank her Fiddler costar Harvey Fierstein played on her on stage. She also discusses her decision to move to L.A. She shares the meant-to-be story of how she meet her wife, Reed, the friend who predicted they would get married before they had even met and getting married in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia. She talks about her animated voice-over career--she played frenemy Rachel in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse and has roles in the new shows Screecher's Wild and Miraculous. Other topics include: her Fun Home 'Ring of Keys' moment, discovering her activist side as a kid when the Olympics came to Atlanta and one of the counties didn't want to accept gay athletes (she protested and her side won), working on Ava Duvernay in Selma, being out in Hollywood, being a role model in her work and on social media, her Tracy Flick-ness, her obsession with Murphy Brown and that week she spent all up in Matt Bomer's naked business in Magic Mike XXL. https://www.havilandstillwell.com/

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w/ Homophilia podcast co-host and writer Matt McConkey

Dennis visits the Eagle Rock home of "Homophilia" podcast host Matt McConkey to talk about how the podcast came to be, his partnership with co-host Dave Holmes, scoring cool guests like Dan Savage, Scott Thompson and Pod Save America's John Lovett and taking the show on the road to places like Montreal and P-Town. He also talks about his writing career, working on shows like Heathers--which was pulled by the Paramount network in response to Parkland and other school shootings--and selling his own show to Pop! called Spinning. He recalls his earlier acting days; starring in a life-changing L.A. production of The Boys in the Band in 2010 and the high-powered manager who was desperate to represent him...until she found out he was gay and then shoe vanished. Other topics include: Mamma Mia 2, Matt's obsession with all things Jennifer Aniston, growing up with a gay posse, meeting his partner of 6 years at the Dresden Room and the song that makes him cry. http://www.earwolf.com/show/homophilia/