…w/ four brilliant, fun book writers Don Cummings, Barbara Deutsch, Vanessa McGrady and August McLaughlin.

Dennis heads to his friend Don Cummings' place in Hollywood to play You Don't Know My Life! with four up-for-anything authors. Vanessa McGrady's book is called Rock Needs River: A Memoir About a Very Open Adoption. Career coach Barbara Deutsch wrote a book about communication called Open Up for Shut Up: How to Talk Your Way Into or Out of Anything. August McLaughlin's book is called Girl Boner: The Good Girl's Guide to Sexual Empowerment. She also has a podcast of the same name. And finally, our gracious host Don Cummings, who Dennis interviewed earlier this year, wrote the memoir Bent But Not Broken about his odyssey with Peyronie's Disease. The questions the play have to do with everything from breakups to teen idols to good deeds from strangers to riding in an elevator with Rush Limbaugh. There's also a story involving a tarp and a rainstorm that's so romantic it should be turned into a Hallmark movie. www.youdontknowmylife.com





8 • 20 • 2019 ••• LIFE SHOWS UP THE WAY YOU ARE

w/ actor-writer-force of nature Kimleigh Smith (T-O-T-A-L-L-Y!)

Dennis visits the Burbank home of actor and writer Kimleigh Smith a week after seeing her searing, inspiring and hilarious one-woman show T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! The show documents her real-life journey of being gang raped in college, completely repressing it for eight years, recalling it again through hypnosis and then working through the pain of it to reclaim her body, her sexuality and her life. She talks about how donating a kidney led her to start writing, the men with the nicknames that helped her discover her sexuality, allowing herself to be vulnerable and trying--and failing--to be a lesbian. Other topics include: the "hover move," the crisis of masculinity, porn stars who smile, her 17 year-old alter ego in her head who loves to rain all over her parade, taking the show to Lithuania, her company Embrace Your Cape, kicking her addiction to bad men, getting inspiration from Jill Scott, finding her voice, owning your body and her mission to change the world. www.kimleighsmith.com    


w/ filmmaker and actor Doug Spearnman (From Zero to I Love You, Hot Guys with Guns, Noah’s Arc)

Dennis welcomes filmmaker Doug Spearman to his condo to hang out with Enzo and talk about his film From Zero to I Love You, which he first discussed with Dennis in 2014 when he was launching the crowd-funding campaign. He talks about the 4-year odyssey to getting the film finished, how he went crazy, the life events that came along and made things tougher and how good it feels to finally show it to audiences. Doug expresses his gratitude to his cast and crew for sticking it out, describes the many different hats he had to wear, managing his crowd-funding campaign, why he changed the title, the state of the gay indie marketplace and shooting in Philadelphia. He also talks about how he still hears from Noah's Arc fans and why the period of time when he was shooting the series was one of the most difficult of his life. Other topics include: playing a judge on The Young and the Restless, stealing a Barbie wedding dress, the lavender suit he hated wearing on Noah's Arc, how his excellent booty was problematic when he was younger and coming out to his parents when Charles and Diana got married.