w/ "Disaster...A New Musical" actor Kevin Chamberlin

Dennis visits the Silver Lake home of actor Kevin Chamberlin who will soon be seen in the Broadway musical "Disaster," a disaster movie send-up with 70's songs co-wrtten by Seth Rudetsky and former podcast guest Jack Plotnick. Kevin talks about the thrill of returning to Broadway, the worst thing that ever went wrong for him on stage and going to the Tonys three times as a nominee (for Dirty Blonde, Suessical and The Addams Family musical). Kevin also talks about his on camera work in films like Die Hard with a Vengeance, Road to Perdition and the recent TV movie A Christmas Melody starring and directed by Mariah Carey. Kevin shares fun stories about Madeline Kahn, James Lapine, Mary Tyler Moore, Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman, Susan Anton and Elaine Stritch. Other topics include: working with young actors on the Disney channel series Jessie, his biggest frustration, the joy of being "offer only," the song that makes him cry, the culture shock of L.A. and the audition he walked out of. Follow him on Twitter @kevinchamberlin

When Michelle Obama appeared on Jessie. To the left: When Kevin was given the key to his hometown in New Jersey.

When Michelle Obama appeared on Jessie. To the left: When Kevin was given the key to his hometown in New Jersey.


w/ Christie Strong, Brand Ambassador for Kiva Confections

Dennis welcomes Christie Strong to the breakfast nook to talk about her job as Brand Ambassador and Social Media Manager for Kiva Confections, a company that makes cannabis chocolate products. She tells the story of what lead her into the field after working in the entertainment business for years and gives Dennis a crash course in medical marijuana terminology. Dennis tells her about his very limited adventures in the medical marijuana world and Christie shares insights into what could have made them less traumatic. Other topics include Christie's travels to South East Asia, ending a relationship in the middle of Thailand, volunteering at a Hospice center, various trips to Burning Man and the sweet little gig that brought Christie and Dennis together.

12 • 14 • 2015 ••• YOU'RE HALF PINT 74, AREN'T YOU?

w/ Edward Boyd (Executive Producer of The Soup)

Dennis visits the Silver Lake home of Edward Boyd, one of the Executive Producers of E!'s The Soup, which is ending its run this Friday after 12 laugh-filled years.  Ed talks about the show's beginning and evolution, how his dog Lou came to be a regular on the show, his favorite clips and moments and how it feels to be saying goodbye. He also confesses to helping build buzz for the show early on by commenting on TV message boards anonymously, reveals which guests got it and which didn't and recalls the time he quit the show out of frustration...only to have the staff rally around him and bring him back. Other topics include: the step aerobics class where Dennis and Ed met, what it's like to grow up in Fairbanks, Alaska, the movie Ed's seen more than any other, the time he shoplifted a dirty magazine because its cover promised scratch n' sniff vagina...and much much more.

12 • 6 • 2015 ••• THE PANCAKES ARE COLD

w/ Dr. Gary Cohan of Dr. Gary Cohan's Medical Soapbox

Dennis visits the Hollywood hills home of Dr. Gary Cohan, author of the Facebook blog Dr. Cohan's Medical Soapbox, to talk about his long journey on the front lines of the AIDS crisis. Gary talks about the current state of AIDS treatment, consulting on the movie "And the Band Played On," tending to Anthony Perkins during his final days and being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight in the wake of Charlie Sheen's HIV revelation. Gary also talks about being named by the Hollywood Reporter as one of the top doctors in Hollywood, thanks to A list clients like Drew Barrymore and Matt Bomer. Other topics include taking part in die-ins as a member of Act Up back in the day, his favorite bad movie and what it's like to delivery a baby ("Slippery!")