12 • 30 • 2018 POSITIVE VIBES, DAMNIT!

w/ Party Girl author and entrepreneur Anna David

Dennis visits the Hollywood apartment of author Anna David, whose novel Party Girl--about a girl who gets hired to write a party column as she's getting sober--has just been released on audio. Anna talks about the inspiration for the book, her dream of creating an audio version, her hopes for a TV or film adaptation and who she'd love to see play the lead. (Hint: it's Lohan) She also talks candidly about her own journey to sobriety, hitting rock bottom, what makes coke addicts different from other types of addicts and what surprised her about sobriety. Other topics include: her 19 year-old miracle cat, the nightmare of collaborating with Tom Sizemore, how as a freelance writer she managed the demise of magazines, her coaching program and new company Light Hustler, spirituality, her best shoplifting move, horrible bosses and the trauma from seeing Jaws at 5.





w/ Imagined Life podcast contributors Stephanie Jenz & Michael Selditch

Dennis visits the West Hollywood apartment of writer-director Michael Selditch to interview Michael and Stephanie Jenz, the Executive Producer of the new Wondery podcast "Imagined Life." Dennis and Michael have both written multiple episodes of the show's first season, which wraps up this coming Sunday. Stephanie talks about where the original idea came from, casting the hosts Virginia Madsen and Robbie Daymond, the importance of iTunes reviews and ratings, nailing the music and sound design and the difference between the TV world and the podcast world. Other topics include: what a Spark Page is, memorable answering machine messages, why podcast fans are awesome, Emmys and urinals, early Elton John, riding in an elevator with Will and Jada, stealing stuff like mints and beer and cigarettes.


12 • 12 • 2018 ••• I THINK WE’D BE GREAT

w/ Escape Room in a Box Game Designers Ariel Rubin & Juliana Patel

Dennis visits the San Fernando Valley home of Ariel Rubin to talk with Ariel and Juliana Patel, the co-creators of "Escape Room in a Box" which is exactly what it sounds like; a home version of an escape room. They talk about how they met playing werewolf, getting the idea, creating the incredibly complicated prototypes, the support they got from the game community, finding a factory to make the game and the red locks that drove them crazy. They also talk about putting together their Kickstarter campaign, their nerves going in, following the advice of previous campaigners, working the media and making their goal of $19,500 in 14 hours and finishing the campaign with $135,000. They also talk about being women in an industry that's historically very male and being an inspiration to other women and girls. They recall how they got the licensing deal with Mattel, going in to pitch and play test with them and what it's like to work with Mattel on an ongoing business. Other topics include: getting flown to the Netherlands to speak at a conference, creating games for weddings, why they named their company Wild Optimists, juggling their busy leaves, winning a big award and the Halloween costume that was totally prescient. www.escaperoominabox.com