2 • 22 • 2016 ••• FUCK 'EM WITH THE WHOLE DICK

w/ writer and TV personality Greg Cope White (author of "The Pink Marine")

Dennis visits the Santa Monica home of writer and TV personality Greg Cope White to talk about Greg's new book, The Pink Marine, about the months he spent in basic training as a marine back in the day. Greg talks about the pressure to keep his gayness a secret, bonding with his fellow soldiers, his relationship to guns, sleeping with at least one and the unforgettable catchphrase that gives this episode its name. Greg talks about his blog Eat Greg Eat has led to appearances on the Food Network and why people on cooking shows always take "manageable bites." Other topics include: being a television writer in Hollywood, collecting art, keeping that hair bouncing and behaving, his lowest point professionally, getting blurbed by Christopher Atkins, and his long relationship with Norman Lear, who wrote the forward for Greg's book.

The Ken Price artwork Greg talks about in the podcast.

The Ken Price artwork Greg talks about in the podcast.

2 • 15 • 2015 ••• "I'M MORE OF A SEMI-COLON"

w/ "Home Base" singer-songwriter Jeb Havens

In the first-ever Dennis Anyone CD listening party, Dennis sits down with singer-songwriter Jeb Havens on the eve of the release of his album "Home Base," which hits iTunes on February 17th. Jeb discusses the inspiration for the songs, working with producer Andy Zulla ("Smash") by sending tracks back and forth digitally but never meeting in person and his hopes for the records. He also shares his earliest musical memories, the worse thing that's ever gone wrong for him on stage, his reluctance to chase fame and the camaraderie he feels with fellow out artists like Tom Goss, Michael Powers and Matt Zarley. Other topics include Jeb's day job at YouTube, designing board and video games, moving to LA from San Francisco, being a mathlete in high school, falling in love and planning an around-the-world trip with his boyfriend and the pressure to wear a different tank top for each of his "Closet Cover" YouTube covers. Dennis and Jeb also reveal the bond that cemented their friendship; a mutual obsession with "$20,000 Pyramid." www.jebhavens.com

2 • 9 • 2016 ••• WE CAN SEND A HELO

w/ stand-up comic Debbie Praver

Stand up comic Debbie Praver returns to the podcast to talk about performing for our soldiers in places no one's been tobut Jeff Probst from "Survivor." She shares a recent aircraft carrier misadventure, dishes on gays in the military and gives us some patriotic warm fuzzies. She also talks about playing Laughlin Laugh Fest, laughing her ass off at Sinbad, dealing with hecklers, her bodacious booty, modeling for bathing suit catalogs, being mom to the star of a Barbie commercial, selling girl scout cookies, an unforgettable Panda Express outing, going to the TV Land awards and much more.

2 • 1 • 2016 ••• HEY NIPSEY!

w/ Kenneth in the (212) blogger Kenneth Walsh

Dennis catches up with NY-based blogger Kenneth Walsh of "Kenneth in the 212" who talks about the humble beginnings of his blog eleven years ago, the discipline of blogging every day and reveals his most popular post ever. Kenneth also talks about why he loves tennis, meeting Renee Richards and Billie Jean King, working as a copy editor at the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and his obsessions with Desperately Seeking Susan and Family Affair. Kenneth discusses his memoir "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" and Dennis and Kenneth bond over their ASU days, their love of 80's music and their obsession with the Cybill Shepherd jazz album "Vanilla."