2 • 28 • 2018 ••• THE CHICKEN LOST HIS F-ING LENS!

w/ comedian and author Jim David

Dennis visits his pal since the late 1990's Jim David in the New York apartment he shares with his husband Dan. Jim talks about being a comedian in the Trump Era, cruise ship audiences, his first sets, when and why he decided to be out on stage, getting really scary threats on Twitter, recording his Comedy Central special, bombing at his first open mic and getting laughs when he was a kid. He also shares what it's like to be in a club or on a panel when other comics are doing homophobic material. He also talks about being in the Broadway sequel to The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas called The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public and the thrill of having Bob Mackie design a costume for you--he's even got the Mackie sketch as a souvenir! Jim also shares how he met his husband on a dance floor and talks about getting hitched a few years ago in a comedy club and what felt different to him afterwards. Other topics include: how NYC is changing, getting teased as a kid, writing his novel "You'll Be Swell," the craziest thing he's seen on a gay cruise, delivering singing telegrams in a pink gorilla suit and the time he got gay bashed by the venue. www.jimdavidofficial.com

The Bob Mackie sketch of Jim in costume for "The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public"

The Bob Mackie sketch of Jim in costume for "The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public"

Jim was the first gay male to have a Comedy Central special...and he's got the cookie jar to prove it.

Jim was the first gay male to have a Comedy Central special...and he's got the cookie jar to prove it.

2 • 19 • 2018 ••• THIS PLAY SAVED MY LIFE

w/ "El Nino" playwright Justin Tanner

Dennis visits the Highland Park home of one of his favorite playwright Justin Tanner to talk about his first play in seven years "El Nino" about a woman dealing with writers block and chronic pain who moves back in with her parents. He talks about the real-life situations that inspired the play, writing it on an old-fashioned typewriter and without smoking pot and the idea that suffering can lead to something great. He also talks about the social aspect of doing theater in L.A., working on TV shows with Amy Sherman-Palladino and David Fincher having Laurie Metcalf champion his work the famous faces that showed up at his plays, like Cliff Robertson and Clint Eastwood. He talks about the web series he created Avenue 43, getting a shout-out from The Guardian and how working on it made him fall in love with editing. Other topics include: how his plays tell him what they're about, what it feels like when a play closes, his new script consulting business, the movie he's seen the most, the movie he saw when he was way too young, his biggest on-stage mishap, the first and last time he stole something, the celebrity death that hit him the hardest, the worst job he ever had, why he writes, his lowest point professionally and what got him out of it. http://www.roguemachinetheatre.net/

2 • 12 • 2018 ••• 2017 MOVIE ROUND-UP

w/ film junkies Michael Doughtery and Glenn Gaylord

Dennis visits the Hollywood apartment of film lover Michael Dougherty to talk about last year's movies with Michael and film reviewer Glenn Gaylord from the Glenn On Film blog on tumblr. Dennis shares his annual Unsung 10, which are movies that are on no one's 10 Best or Oscar lists but that he really enjoyed...like Kong: Skull Island for example and It. Glenn and Michael share their favorites of the year and celebrate specific "Moments Out of Time," specific scenes or images from films that will stay with them for years to come. Some of the movies that get discussed include: I, Tonya, The Florida Project, Lady Bird, Get Out, Call Me By Your Name, Gifted, Good Time, It, Battle of the Sexes, Roman J. Israel Esq., Good Time, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Shape of Water and many more. https://glenngaylord.tumblr.com/

2 • 7 • 2018 ••• NO ONE WALKS IN WITH A BOA

w/ actor Nathan Lee Graham (L.A. to Vegas)

Dennis visits the Valley Village home of his pal Matt Zarley to interview Matt's good friend, actor Nathan Lee Graham who is in town from New York to shoot the new Fox sitcom L.A. to Vegas, in which he plays a seen-it-all flight attendant named Bernard. Nathan talks about auditioning for the show, how the airplane set works, working with Dylan McDermott (and in one episode Dermot Mulroney), getting the uniform just-so, his dream guest star and his dream episode, which is coming up soon and involves a certain celebration. Nathan also talks about his work in the theater; appearing on Broadway in The Wild Party and Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and Off-Broadway in shows like The View Upstairs and Hit the Wall. He shares memories of his friend and colleague Eartha Kitt, recalls growing up in St. Louis and watching classic movies with his mother, coming out, carrying a briefcase to school instead of a backpack. Nathan also talks about working with Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, Will Farrell in Zoolander, Will Smith in Hitch and Chris Meloni in Law and Order: SVU and Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback. Other topics include: the gifts fans give him, why his mom sees all his plays twice, the responsibility of playing a gay character on TV, the last review he read about himself years ago, his expressiveness of eyebrows and the worst thing that ever went wrong for him onstage. (www.nathanleegraham.com)