1 • 24 • 2016 ••• 2015 MOVIE MASHUP

w/ film reviewer Glenn Gaylord of Glenn On Film

For this special movie-themed episode, Dennis sits down with his filmmaker friend Glenn Gaylord who reviews movies on his tumblr page Glenn on Film.  Dennis shares his picks for the Unsung Movies on 2015 and Glenn shares his movie "Moments out of Time" for the year. Together, they cover everything from the J.Lo camp-fest "The Boy Next Doro" to the Holocaust drama "Son of Saul."

Check out Glenn's movie reviews HERE.

1 • 9 • 2016 ••• WHEN RIDES ATTACK  

w/ theme park visionary Dave Cobb from Thinkwell Group

Dennis visits the Sherman Oaks home of Dave Cobb from the Thinkwell Group, a company that conceives, designs and creates theme park attractions like the Terminator 2: 3-D and Men In Black attractions at Universal Studios, Ferrari World in Abu Dabi and the behind-the-scenes of Harry Potter studio tour in England. Dave talks about how a project goes from the idea stage to opening day, his role as Thinkwell’s unofficial court jester, the Survivor themed rollercoaster he helped conceive, and what it’s like to pitch an attraction idea to Steven Spielberg. Other topics include Dave’s childhood obsessions (Tron, Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, Universal’s monsters), his days as a tour guide at Universal Studios and how his enthusiasm for the Back to the Future ride back in the day led him into what would become his life’s work. He also talks about the song that makes him cry, his worst haircut, his favorite bad movie, the time a ride attacked him and what it means to be a “Foamer” among Foamers.