w/ Los Angeles Games Designer Myles Nye

Dennis braves the pouring rain to visit the L.A. home of game designer Myles Nye, out of which Myles runs the team building events company he co-founded called Wise Guys Events.  Myles talks about the types of games he creates, how team building events work to build camaraderie among co-workers and his proudest moments as a game creator. He also talks about his love of musicals, sings the praises of aprons as game props and recommends the best room escape adventures in Los Angeles. Other topics include: his sideline gig marrying people, the agony and ecstasy of QR codes, the most trouble he ever got in in school, the song that makes him cry and the new scavenger hunt he's creating to tie-in with the Ahmanson Theater's upcoming production "Into the Woods." www.wiseguysevents.com  www.mylesnye.com


1 • 23 • 2016 ••• 2016 MOVIE WRAP-UP

w/ writers & movie enthusiasts Michael Dougherty and Glenn Gaylord

In this super-sized episode, Dennis braves the El Nino-esque rains to visit the L.A. apartment of writer and film enthusiast Michael Dougherty to discuss the Year in Movies 2016 with Dougherty and film reviewer Glenn Gaylord of the Glenn On Film blog. Dennis shares his annual Unsung 10 list of movies that he enjoyed from last year than probably aren't on anyone's Oscar list. Glenn and Michael share their "Moments Out of Time" from 2016, scenes in movies that stayed with them; some from great movies, some from not so great movies.  They also take a few questions from the observation deck that lead to stories of Glenn being on billboards all over the country and Michael being on the 6 o' clock news in Russia.

1 • 10 • 2016 ••• LIVING TO TELL

w/ dancers Kevin Stea and Carlton Wilborn from the film "Strike a Pose"

w/ dancers Kevin Stea and Carlton Wilborn from the documentary "Strike a Pose"

Dennis visits the Hollywood home of Kevin Stea to talk to Stea and Carlton Wilborn about the new documentary they appear in "Strike a Pose," which reunites the male dancers from Madonna's ground-breaking Blonde Ambition Tour from the early 90's. They talk about how the film came about, what it was like to be together again after 25 years, on-the-road romances and whether or not Madonna has seen the film. Carlton talks about being a part of the subsequent Girlie Show tour and keeping his HIV a secret while Kevin recalls the lawsuit he was involved in over compensation--or lack of compensation--for "Truth or Dare" and the sticky backstage prank that was played on him during the final show. Other topics include: their favorite moments in the concert, clubbing around the world, what they'd talk to Madonna about now if they happened to run into her and what dance means to them in their lives.  www.madonnadancers.com


w/ comedian, writer and radio host Frank DeCaro

Dennis visits comedian, radio host, author and all-round delight Frank DeCaro at his San Fernando Valley apartment to talk about Frank's latest gig, opening for comedian Lisa Lampanelli on the road. He talks about the thrill of getting the offer, the first time he met Lampanelli and the intervention she staged that led to his recent dramatic weight loss. He shares how he's lost nearly 100 pounds, the thrill of fitting into a Versace shirt from the 90's and the emotional roots of his past overeating. He also talks about getting fired from Sirius/XM after 12 years, the best and worst part of being a correspondent on The Daily Show and his adventures in Sopranos-land when he was writing for TV Guide. Other topics include: working for Martha Stewart, giving bad hummers, Alan Arkin being a dick and the Bob Mackie design he wished he could own.

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