w/ singer-actor Blake McIver (The People’s Couch, Full House, The Little Rascals)

On a rainy Wednesday, Dennis visits the West Hollywood apartment of singer-actor Blake McIver to talk about his cabaret show Blake Sings Barbra the Concert in which he pays homage to Barbra Streisand's iconic 1994 comeback concert, . He talks about the genesis of the show, how he became obsessed with the HBO concert at 9, the one time he met her, the challenge of singing Barbra and of course, finding the perfect tea set. He talks about his first break in the industry; competing in junior Star Search and winning the whole thing. He also recalls being cast in the LA production of Ragtime when he was a 11 and following it up with a 3-year stint on Full House with the Olsen twins. He talks about growing up in show business with a studio exec father and a mother who was one of Dean Martin's gorgeous goldiggers; going to a private Christian school and getting bullied from the get-go. Other topics include: the lunch he had with Trump when Trump played his father in the Little Rascals movie, the best and worst thing about being a go-go boy, the sitcom he did one episode with a super-unhappy vibe set and that time he sat on Sigourney Weaver's lap.