7 • 27 • 2017 ••• OH, I NEED TO BE SPOCK

w/ performer-professor Kathleen Antonia Tarr

Dennis welcomes actor-singer-lawyer Kathleen Antonia Tarr to his Noho condo to talk about going from pursuing a career in show business in Los Angeles to being a professor at Stanford. She talks what she loves about teaching, what the kids are like these days and why grading papers isn't that bad. She discusses her time in L.A., landing a gig on "House," doing a commercial for Cialis and what made her want to leave L.A.. Dating comes up as well and Kathleen explains the application process she implemented to screen potential dates--complete with a $75 handling fee!--and how she ended up meeting her now-husband. Other topics include: why strangers say "Wow" to her in public, the challenges of living in the Bay Area, working with veterans as a lawyer, playing football and not that bullshit powder puff football either, the dating book she plans to write, writing a fan letter to Randy Newman and why she had to dial down her crush on Sting. http://kathleen_antonia.homestead.com/

Enzo has a new best friend.

Enzo has a new best friend.



w/ Love Connie performer John Cantwell

Dennis visits the Hollywood apartment of performer John Cantwell, the retro pop culture-obsessed man behind Cajun inbred drag goddess Love Connie, star of the current stage show "Love Connie Xtreme Makeover Greatest Hist Vol. 1." John talks about the origins and evolution of Connie, discovering that women are empowered by Connie's fierceness, how he/Connie might fare on "RuPaul's Drag Race," how he conceives his shows, what makes up Connie's DNA and the 80's music video he wishes he could insert himself in as Connie. John talks about being a die-hard Debbie Harry fan and recalls how the singer agreed to meet him at a tattoo parlor on his birthday so he could have her autograph tattooed on his arm. Other topics include: his relationship with his family, Olivia Newton John's lazy eye photo, the kiddie pageant craziness of Painted Babies, the Lisa Hartman song he loves to lip sync, the British pop duo who love Love Connie, TV movies of the 70's, the joy of doing the Showgirls choreography and the scar he got as a kid while acting out the movie "Halloween." At one point, John also asks Dennis, "Can I tell you a really dirty story?" and then he does. https://www.facebook.com/connieslocum

Connie fan art and other fab collectibles.

Connie fan art and other fab collectibles.

7 • 12 • 2017 ••• I LET CHER HAVE IT

w/ author Michael Callahan (The Night She Won Miss America)

Dennis goes to the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood to chat with Philadelpia-based author Michael Callahan about his fun new novel "The Night She Won Miss America." Michael recounts the amazing true story that inspired his novel; of Betty Cooper, Miss America 1937, who ran away with her male escort on the same night she won the crown. He also discusses his lifelong obsession with beauty pageants, his favorite Miss America, bullshit talents like giving a speech and playing the marimba, the pageant songs that need to die, the return of Vanessa Williams and that time he got to walk the Miss America runway. He also talks about his obsession with mid-century Americana, the coffee table book he's currently working on about the legendary L.A. restaurant Musso & Frank, the death of magazines, high school pranks, his most unfortunate haircut, his favorite Cassidy, the Charlie's Angel he was so nervous to interview, taking a ride with Mike Tyson, writing for Vanity Fair, hearing back from Cher and the Dirrty pop diva who drove him to distraction in the Bahamas.


7 • 5 • 2017 ••• YOU MADE ALLAN CARR A HERO

w/ documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz ("The Fabulous Allan Carr")

Documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz returns to the podcast to discuss is new film "The Fabulous Allan Carr" about the legendary, larger-than-life producer of Grease, Can't Stop the Music, the Broadway musical La Cage Aux Folles and the 1989 Oscars where Rob Lowe sang "Proud Mary" with Snow White. Jeffrey talks about what drew him to Carr as a film subject, Allan's crazy, drug-fueled parties, his passion for making and remaking stars like Marlo Thomas and Ann-Margaret, how Allan helped "The Deer Hunter" win Best Picture, Allan's mega-success with "Grease" and how he hogged the credit for its success. Jeffrey also discusses Allan's struggle with his weight and penchant for wearing caftans. Jeffrey also answers Dennis's burning question: Why on earth was Bounty lady Nancy Walker chosen to direct "Can't Stop the Music" when she had never directed a movie before? Jeffrey talks about the tricky process of landing interviews, Maxwell Caulfield's off-the-chart hotness, the opening of "La Cage Aux Folles" on Broadway at the dawn of the AIDS crisis and the qualities of each of his doc subjects that he tried to incorporate into his own life. Other topics include: the voicemail he got from a "Can't Stop the Music" star, why he learned to type at 9, being on John Water's Christmas card list, connecting with HBO and Sheila Nevins, winning a Emmy and "What flannel would Jack Wrangler wear?"



The plastic cake John Waters sent Jeffrey and his husband Thales as a wedding gift.

The plastic cake John Waters sent Jeffrey and his husband Thales as a wedding gift.