w/ writer-director-actor Mike Doyle (Sell By)

Dennis borrows his pal Danny's West Hollywood apartment so he can interview writer-director-actor Mike Doyle about his new ensemble comedy Sell By, which screened at Outfest in L.A. He talks about where the original inspiration came from, how he found his actors, why it was important to him to hire out gay actors Scott Evans and Augustus Prew to play the central gay couple and how he got to shoot on the Highline in NYC for free. He talks about getting killed off on Law and Order SVU after being on the show for six years, being a "punch the clock, blue collar" actor and how he navigates the ups and downs of the business. Other topics include: appearing nude on stage, getting on The Price is Right when he had $128 to his name and winning $8K, riding in an elevator with John McCain, writing a fan letter to Linda Lavin, his mom being a leader in P-PLAG, volunteering for the Hilary Clinton campaign, why he loves Tootsie, working on Jersey Boys with Clint Eastwood, being starstruck by Ryan Reynolds and that time in sixth grade when he dressed up for Halloween as a "pretty hooker." 


7 • 23 • 2019 ••• MAYBE I’M THE BAD SEED

w/ film professor and author Andy Scahill (Scream Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street)

Dennis sits down in an L.A. apartment with professor and Andy Scahill to talk about the new documentary he appears in Scream Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street about the maybe gayest horror movie ever made Nightmare on Elm Street 2. He talks about how he came to be involved in the film, the tumultuous and poignant life journey of the film's gay lead, why LGBT people are drawn to horror as a genre, his book The Revolting Children about kids in horror movies. He also talks about his work in academia, why he loves teaching, interacting with millennials and the movie that always blows his students away. He recalls being outed in high school--by a cheerleader, no less. Other topics include: why Avatar isn't beloved, his most provocative T-shirt, his favorite James Bond, playing the "Bait Bear" in Tom Goss's popular music video Bears and becoming The Tawny Kitaen of gay music videos...and he has a delicious story about a certain former First Lady of California pitching a fit in the bookstore he worked in because the store didn't carry her children's book.



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7 • 15 • 2019 ••• WE’RE ALL JUST SHOW FOLK

With this episode, Dennis does his first remote podcast...a crossover episode with Vegas-based blogger Randy Slovacek who writes The Randy Report blog and its companion podcast of the same name. On Dennis's recent trip to Vegas, Randy generously offered to talk Dennis through recording remotely...and here's the result. Randy talks about how he started the Randy Report blog, his favorite subjects--and studs--to write about, getting recognized by a reader on a gay cruise and why he loves doing it. He also talks about his career as a Broadway performer appearing in shows like Cats, A Chorus Line, Chicago and Hello Dolly with Carol Channing who he shares several delicious stories about. In true crossover fashion, Randy also asks Dennis about his various goings-on. Other topics include: wanting to be Donny Osmond, annoying Donna Summer with the gay question, getting your Chicago costume from International Male and the upcoming Cats movie. http://randyreport.blogspot.com/