w/ Del Shores, Ann Walker, Emerson Collins, Mat Hayes, Jeb Havens & Dennis

Just in time for the 4th of July weekend, here's a special YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE! episode featuring filmmaker/playwright/performer Del Shores (Sordid Lives, Southern Baptist Sissies) and three of his frequent collaborators: actress Ann Walker (LaVonda in Sordid Lives), actor-producer Emerson Collins (Southern Baptist Sissies, Rent Live) and actor-filmmaker Mat Hayes (Cognitive). Game co-creators Dennis Hensley and Jeb Havens also play. The questions they answer include: When was a time that you gave into peer pressure? What's a movie that you saw when you were way too young to see it? What's a character trait that you share with your mother? and What's a memorable theme party you threw or attended? What's the shallowest, quirkiest or most shocking reason you decided, 'No, I don't want to date this person?' About half the stories that come up could all be turned into gay short films; there are college fetish parties, a b.j. that turn into prayer when a roommate walks in, hot guys with warts down there, small town busy-bodies and much much more. You can play the game at home. Buy You Don't Know My Life! on Amazon or at www.youdontknowmylife.com

6 • 17 • 2019 ••• MAKE YOUR OWN PARADE

w/ filmmaker P.J. Castellaneta (Together Alone, Relax, It’s Just Sex)

Dennis visits the Silver Lake home of filmmaker P.J. Castellaneta to talk about the renaissance his early 90's gay indie film "Together Alone" is experiencing this summer in France...with special screenings and a re-release in theaters. He talks about shooting the film in his Hollywood apartment while working full time as a clerk at Warner Bros., how he found his actors, and why the film still resonates today. P.J. talks about his follow-up film Relax, It's Just Sex starring Jennifer Tilly, Lori Petty and Mitchell Anderson, his favorite day on the shoot, taking the film to Sundance and how making the movie almost killed him. He talks about his plans to get Together Alone on a Streaming service as well as the Frankenstein-inspired script he plans to shoot next. Other topics include: getting married at city hall in Indio, riding in an elevator with a nervous Spike Lee, his nightmare second grade teacher, wanting to live in the Tapestry album and the day Dennis and P.J. went to The Rosie O'Donnell Show in NYC. https://pjcastellaneta.blogspot.com/

A shot from the late 1990s when Dennis and PJ went to the Rosie O’Donnell taping together

A shot from the late 1990s when Dennis and PJ went to the Rosie O’Donnell taping together

6 • 5 • 2019 ••• I’M A DIRTY DOILY

w/ actress-singer Mary Birdsong (The Trump Family Special, Reno 9-11, Succession)

Dennis visits the stuck-in-time rehearsal space in North Hollywood called The Madilyn Clarke studios to chat with Mary Birdsong who is stepping into the role of Melania in the musical review The Trump Family Special, which plays as part of the L.A. Fringe Festival starting June 7th. She talks about her how the show came to her, her take on Melania, her facility for developing voices and characters, loving to sing and her hope that one day Melania will just crack and tell all. Mary talks about her incredible Instagram feed, which is like a one-woman show and features "face-swapping" technology that allows her to play people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Robert Mueller and a dirty doily she saw on the sidewalk. She talks about working with Adam Makay on the show Succession, being a series regular on Reno 9-11, getting cast as Mona in the Tales of the City musical because Armistead Maupin saw one of her YouTube videos and appearing on Broadway in Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me. Of the latter, she recalls the thrill of having her mother come to opening night and then chat up Tom Hanks at the afterparty. Other topics include: getting sober, her gig from hell singing at a Macy's cosmetic counter and giving out truffles, rocking out to Pat Benatar, being in a girl group that ended up on Star Search, saving her money, buying her first new car and, of course, the irresistibility of Anderson Cooper's giggle. 


Mary in her Melania wig discovering her new favorite game  You Don’t Know My Life!

Mary in her Melania wig discovering her new favorite game You Don’t Know My Life!

6 • 3 • 2019 ••• ALL GAY MEN ARE TERRIBLE

w/ writer-performer Drew Droege (Happy Birthday Doug, Bright Colors and Bold Patterns)

Dennis welcomes returning champion Drew Droege to his North Hollywood condo to talk about the new one-man show he's writing and starring in called "Happy Birthday Doug," in which he "celebrates and eviscerates gayness." He talks about the show's themes like aging, hetero-normativity, partying, the Peter Pan-ness of it all. He talks about the challenge of playing nine characters in one show...as well at the challenge of playing drunk and/or on molly. He shares his experience with his last one-person show Bright Colors and Bold Patterns, which took him to New York City, was shot as a performance film and is now being performed by another actor. He talks about how his viral videos as Chloe Sevigny became his calling card and got him jobs. He also opens up about the experience of being on the TV series Heathers and its long, painful and tumultuous journey to actually airing. He also talks about his OTHER new show with Sam Pancake, We Are Special Bitches about an acting class from hell. Other topics include: Insta-fame, The Boys in the Band, being involved in both The Groundlings and the Upright Citizen's Brigade, selling out, celebs who came to his show, going on a vacation and what it feels like to get a big laugh.