3 • 30 • 2015  I DON'T KNOW IF WE'RE GONNA GO

w/ writer-performer Bryan Safi (Funny or Die, Young and Hungry, Ellen)

Dennis visits the Hollywood apartment of writer and performer Bryan Safi, who Dennis first met thanks to his hilarious "That's Gay" segments he created for Current TV.  Since then, Bryan has written for "Ellen," for which he won and Emmy, "Fashion Police" and Funny or Die where he has come up with genius videos for actors like Jane Krakowski, Michael Shannon, Jessica Pare and countless others.  Bryan recalls his favorite "Ellen" guest (Hint, Dennis is totally enjoying her current Jen-aissance), shares his most vivid "Fashion Police" memory, talks about his regular "Access Hollywood" guest appearances (and confirms that it's okay for Dennis to have a crush on Billy Bush) and gives up the scoop on his new ABC Family show "Young and Hungry."  Also discussed are gays worked-up reactions to "Looking" on social media, the Real Housewives, Empire, Oprah, Rosie, the podcast he co-hosts "Throwing Shade," Marilu Henner, Billy Zane, being in the Out100, falling in love with NYC, waiting on Janet Jackson and Helen Mirren and growing up gay in Texas.

This is the caricature of Bryan and his boyfriend Derek we discuss on the podcast.

This is the caricature of Bryan and his boyfriend Derek we discuss on the podcast.


w/ documentarian & screenwriter Ron Nyswaner

Dennis visits the Fox lot to chat with screenwriter Ron Nyswayer during his lunch break from the series "Homeland," which he is currently writing for.  Ron talks about his new documentary "She's the Best Thing In It" which is about Tony-winning actress and acting teacher Mary Louise Wilson. He also talks about the upcoming film "Freeheld," a feature film Ron wrote about a real life lesbian couple played by Julianne Moore and Ellen Page. Other topics include: the inspiration behind the famous "Philadelphia" opera scene, the impulse that brought him to TV and why he named his production company Blue Days Films after his harrowing and humorous addiction memoir "Blue Days Black Nights." Ron also answers the question, "Why do you write?", recalls being in the room when Goldie Hawn met Kurt Russell at a table read for "Swing Shift," talks about doing drag as an extra in "Soldiers Girl," reveals his most surprising fan, pees next to Clint Eastwood at the Oscars and shares what he knows now that he wishes he'd known when he was starting out. www.shesthebesthinginit.com


 w/ "Heavy Petting" actor-writer Tom Lenk 

Dennis visits the West Hollywood home of actor-writer Tom Lenk to discuss his new dorkumentary "Nerdgasm" and his one-man show "Heavy Petting," which hits LA March 29th. Tom talks about the inspiration for "Heavy Petting," which is about all the pets he had growing up, including a homophobic parrot named Sarah. He talks about performing his previous show "Nerdgasm" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and realizing that he is, in fact, a nerd, not just someone who plays nerds on TV. Other topics include appearing on Broadway in "Rock of Ages," winning a SAG Award for "Argo," and what it was like to be part of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" universe as Andrew.  His appearances in "The MisMatch Game" are also discussed, specifically how he pitches his voice so high as Heidi Klum, how much he spent a 7-11 per show as Margot Kidder, and how he manages to answer all of his Zooey Deschanel answers while crafting.  He dives into the Observation Deck, too, discussing his worst headshot, the job he was most excited to learn he got and the worst job he ever had where he got stiffed by N'Sync.

    Tom, at home, with his dogs and his SAG Award certificate for "Argo."


Tom, at home, with his dogs and his SAG Award certificate for "Argo."

3 • 9 • 2015  TODAY I HAVE A NEW HERO

w/ "Tab Hunter: Confidential" filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz

Dennis visits this Los Feliz home of documentarian Jeffrey Schwarz whose films include "I Am Devine," "Spinetingler! The William Castle Story," "Vito" and "Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon." Jeffrey talks about his brand new film "Tab Hunter Confidential," which is having its world premier this month at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin. Topics include the thrift shop purchase that first got him hooked on Tab, how he got the iconic star to open up and the big gets in his movie he didn't think he would get. Jeffrey also talks about what motivates him to devote years of his life to telling these stories, his favorite and least favorite parts of the filmmaking process and weighs in on Russell Tovey "Looking" controversy and how it relates to Hollywood in the Tab Hunter era. He also recalls the worst job he ever had (it involves strippers), the first movie he remembers seeing in a theater (it involves an assassignation) and the 40th birthday party he'll never forget. www.jeffrey-schwarz.com www.tabhunterconfidential.com

The two albums Jeffrey bought in a thrift shop ages ago that started his interest in Tab Hunter...and his secret lover Anthony Perkins.

The two albums Jeffrey bought in a thrift shop ages ago that started his interest in Tab Hunter...and his secret lover Anthony Perkins.


w/ "Confessions of Mormon Boy" actor and writer Steven Fales

Dennis joins actor and writer Steven Fales on the stage of the Zephyr Theater in Hollywood where he had just performed his hit one-man show Confessions of a Mormon Boy. They discuss their shared Mormon background, what they loved about it and how Steven keeps his show fresh after logging 1,000 performances all over the world.  Steven also talks about his family's reaction to the show, performing the show in front of one of his former NYC escort clients (yes, he escorted for a while in New York...it's all in the show) and the bitchy LA patron who's big comment about the show is, "He's not as tan as the poster."  Aother topics include: procrasturbation, performing the show in a BDSM club, the heartfelt reactions he's gotten from fans, and a lively debate on how accepting Marie Osmond actually is.  www.mormonboyonline.com