w/ Dating My Mother writer-director Mike Roma & producer Ashley Hillis

Dennis goes to the West Hollywood apartment of Mike Roma, the writer director of the new film "Dating My Mother," to chat with Roma and producer Ashley Hillis. Mike talks about the autobiographical origins of the movie, shooting the film in his real mom's condo, getting his dream cast of Patrick Reilly, Kathryn Erbe, Kathy Najimy, James LeGros, Michael Rosen and Paul Iacono and the thrill of playing in the legendary Castro Theater in San Francisco. They also discuss the minefield of online dating, getting catfished repeatedly, being gay in suburbia, Ashley's new short film The Shiva List, going to film school at USC and sharing memories of Blockbuster nights. Other topics include: the famous actor Ashley gushed over an elevator, rigging a Secret Santa gift-exchange to get closer to a crush, hearing back from Magic Johnson, being scandalized by American Pie 2, going as a slutty Handmaid for Halloween, crushing on Zac Efron and Patrick Dempsey and of course, the glorious awfulness of Xanadu


5 • 18 • 2018 ••• OUR MOMS ONLY HAVE NINE TOES!

w/ Hurricane Bianca: From Russia w/ Hate filmmaker Matt Kugleman

Dennis heads to West Hollywood to meet up with visiting filmmaker Matt Kugleman, director of the new drag comedy Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate starring RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio. Matt talks about how he first met Bianca on MySpace (MySpace, people!), being starstruck by Katya from RDR and getting her in the movie, why he loves the Bianca character, helping Bianca with her Drag Race audition tape, how Drag Race changed the game in terms of the film's crowdfunding campaign, his favorite Bianca scenes to shoot and the Drew Barrymore movie he said was his favorite on his first day in film school. Matt also talks about sneaking onto movie sets when he was a kid growing up outside Chicago, his history with firemen and firehouses, and how he got his foot in the door at CBS while he was working as a server on Fire Island. He tells a harrowing story about his first day as an editor on the CBS Evening News and describes the flair he uses to make his editing room extra-gay and homey. He also talks about his current day job, working as an editor on CBS This Morning, and shares a great story about one of the show's hosts Gayle King. Other topics include: that time he got puked on, getting a tattoo of a foot with nine toes on it and that time he got to warm his hands with Keanu Reeves. www.hurricanebianca.com

5 • 11 • 2018 ••• THANK GOD WE'RE NOT NORMAL

w/ Who's Da Boss? performers Jackie Beat & Mario Diaz

Dennis visits the Altadena home of drag superstar Jackie Beat to talk with Jackie and her BFF Mario Diaz about their upcoming stage show Who's Da Boss, a loving tribute to the 80's sitcom Who's the Boss? The pair talk about why they wanted to take on Who's the Boss? tapping into their Judith Light and Tony Danza alter-egos, getting one of the show's original stars Danny Pintauro to play himself and the fun of putting together their character's looks. They recall how they originally met in New York City in the mid-90s, starting a NY theater company together and juggling shows with money-making gigs. Dennis also talks to Mario about his career as one of the city's most successful and beloved club promoters, choosing and styling go-go boys and how it feels to bring fun, sexy, life-affirming times to the throngs of folks who love his clubs. Other topics include: the big piss contest, the two actresses who made Jackie starstruck, the International Male catalogue, dancing for Barbra Streisand and the biggest trouble they ever got in in school. http://www.missjackiebeat.com/

Some pics from Jackie Beat's fab Altadena home.

Some pics from Jackie Beat's fab Altadena home.

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w/ entertainers Christopher Graham & Tod Macofsky AKA Mack & Poppy

Dennis visits the Laurel Canyon home of Christopher Graham, who along with Tod Macofsky, make up the comedic lounge duo Mack and Poppy. Tod and Christopher share Mack and Poppy's origin story, how Mack & Poppy came close to mega-stardom and blew it, when they knew it was going to work, their dream Mack and Poppy gig, the freedom that comes with embodying these campy characters and their new show "Till Death Do Us Part." They also talk about being in the L.A. Gay Mens Chorus, performing with stars like Lily Tomlin, Angela Lansbury, Coco Peru and Leann Rimes. Christopher recalls growing up in the south and lip-syncing to Reba McEntire's "Fancy" in Birmingham, Alabama then hitting the road as a chorus boy in shows like 42nd Street and My Fair Lady. Tod talks about performing with a touring troupe inspired by the "It Gets Better" movement, being one of the original cast members of the long-running stage hit Naked Boys Singing and working as FAYE DUNAWAY'S PERSONAL ASSISTANT for a few days in the 1990's. Other topics include: first concerts, blocking Diana Ross  in at Gelson's, Helen Reddy's super-twisted song "Angie Baby," running into Keanu Reeves and Barbara Eden (not together), the joy of Troll 2 and bonding with the Twin Peaks actress who used to live in Christopher's house. http://www.mackandpoppy.com/