11 • 30 • 2017 ••• NOVEMBER 2017 SPECIAL EPISODE

w/ the late, great Carrie Fisher & Call Me By Your Name


With the new Star Wars coming down the pike as well as the one-year anniversary of the passing of Carrie Fisher, I thought you might appreciate one of my favorite interviews ever. In 1994, I got to interview Carrie for Detour Magazine. It was tied to her book Delusions of Grandma. We did it at her house in Coldwater Canyon in her bed. I included the first hour or so. I'll include the rest in a subsequent episode. Also included is a Q & A with James Ivory after a screening of the sublime film Call Me By Your Name. I didn't moderate, alas, but I did get a question in. If you loved the film, you might enjoy this discussion. He was saltier than I expected him to be and guess what else, he's not British! I did not know that. 

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11 • 29 • 2017 ••• UNDAUNTED BY COMPLEXITY

w/ professional Change Strategist Kristine Oller

Dennis visits the Glendale, CA home of Kristine Oller who makes her living as a "change strategist." People come to her when they want to make some kind of a shift in their lives and she helps them do it. She talks about how she came to have that job, the attributes that make her well-suited for it and why she finds it so fulfilling. She also talks about her past incarnation as a professional organizer, why she was good at it, the 'Spark Joy' phenomenon, working with hoarders and whether or not The Container Store is really that great. Other topics include: her days as an actor, why she's super proud of the blank wall behind us in the photo, that year she was someone's secret admirer, her Exorcist and Psycho-loving dark side, the Tupperware in drag birthday she'll never forget and how Oprah came along and changed everything. www.kristineoller.com


w/ Bob's Holiday Office Party playwrights and stars Rob Elk, Joe Keyes and Mark Fite

Dennis pays a pre-Thanksgiving visit--pumpkin pie and all--to the Silver Lake home of actor-writer Rob Elk who co-wrote and starts in the outrageously funny long-running play "Bob's Holiday Office Party." Also on hand are his co-writer and co-star Joe Keyes and actor Mark Fite who has been playing the UFO-obsessed would be thespian Marty in the show since the get-go 22 years ago! They talk about the small midwestern hometowns that inspired the play, how the play began as a long improv, making the yearly decision to do it again, updating the script to address life in Trump's America and that time Meg Ryan came to the show. They also discuss the summer sequel they've been working on, the "Bob's" movie they're jonesing to make, their favorite moments of the show, on stage accidents and the g-string moment that took them all by surprise. Other topics include: horrible haircuts, drunken demolition derbies, the movie "Local Hero" eating bugs and  more. www.bobsofficeparty.com

11 • 15 • 2017 ••• IT WANT TO LIKE IT HERE

w/ Alien Citizen actor-writer Elizabeth Liang

Dennis visits the Hancock Park-ish apartment of Elizabeth Liang, the writer and sole cast member of the show "Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey," about her usual upbringing as a "third culture kid," growing up all over the world, from Guatemala to Costa Rica to Panama to Connecticut to Morocco to Egypt. She talks about the essay the led to the show, the unique pressures of being the only cast member, filming the show for a DVD, what her family thinks of the show, taking on the show on the road to places like Iceland, Spain and South Africa. She also talks about the smells that take her back to each country, feeling most at home in an airport, why so many third culture kids become actors and how trippy it was when Facebook came along. Other topics include: the joys of Knots Landing, playing a staffer on The West Wing, her unrequited devotion to Sylvester Stallone, her favorite teacher and why she says she was happiest in Panama. http://cargocollective.com/aliencitizen


w/ actor-writer-producer Terry Ray (Electricity, Gaydar)

Dennis visits the Silver Lake apartment of actor-writer-producer Terry Ray to discuss his hotel room-set play "Electricity," which is currently playing to packed crowds in an actual hotel room at INNDulge in Palm Springs. Terry talks about what inspired him to write the play, how acting in an actual hotel room instead of a theater changed his performance, onstage nudity, aging four decades throughout the play and hanging out with his audience after around the hotel. Terry also talks about doing uncredited writing on TV movies and getting notes like "This is a comedy but it shouldn't be funny." He shares fun "Gilligan's Island" tidbits he learned from Dawn Wells while shooting the web series "She's Still On that Freakin' Island." He also talks about having "Too Close To Comfort" actor Jim J. Bullock as his real life wacky neighbor, manufacturing and selling toy Gaydar guns inspired by hie short film "Gaydar" and working with Loni Anderson, Charles Nelson Reilly, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock. Other topics include: Terry's natural optimism, generating his own roles, outing himself on the game show "Scrabble," his lowest point professionally and the best thing he ever got for free; a trip of a lifetime to Africa. http://electricitytheplay.com/index.html


The original gaydar gun from Terry's hit film  Gaydar.

The original gaydar gun from Terry's hit film Gaydar.


w/ actor-producer Emerson Collins (A Very Sordid Wedding, Southern Baptist Sissies)

Dennis visits the West Hollywood apartment of actor Emerson Collins who along with writer-director Del Shores produced the new film A Very Sordid Wedding, which is now available on DVD and VOD. Emerson talks about the major barnstorming promotional tour he's been on for the last few months, his against-type role as a serial killer in the film, playing scenes opposite Leslie Jordan and the Starbucks fix he has to have no matter what city he's in. He floats a theory about the traits that unite Sordid Lives fans no matter where they're from and shares stories about Whoopi Goldberg and her bus and getting Delta Burke's first-ever text message. He also talks about attending high school in Singapore, being a Britney-Whitney gay, appearing as a regular on Bravo's "The People's Couch," his heavy duty TV-watching habit, his Southern Baptist background, starring in "Buyer & Cellar” and his coming out journey. Other topics include: how guys treat him totally differently with his buzz-cut, why being on the Waco, TX morning news made him feel amazing, the letter he wrote for Katie Holmes, his worst haircut and the biggest lie he ever told in an audition and how it came back to haunt him. https://www.averysordidwedding.com/

At the end of the episode Dennis talks about his peripheral connection to the Anthony Rapp-Kevin Spacey story.