w/ radio host Derek Hartley from Derek and Romaine 2.0

By popular demand, radio host Derek Hartley from "Derek and Romaine" is back for a special episode that's all Observation Deck, all the time. He talks about what he was picked on for as a kid, ruining a take as an extra on "Ed Wood," his idea of the perfect day, the movie he's seen the most, the most bullshit thing an exec has ever said to him, the best time he's ever had in a limo, working at AOL, flirting, learning the facts of life, his diva tantrums, Merv Griffin, his most surprising fan and much more!

10 • 18 • 2016 ••• THE LAND OF TALL BJORKS

w/ writer-producer Chris Lisotta

Dennis welcomes writer-producer Chris Lisotta to the condo to talk about Chris's recent trip to the exotic land of...wait for it...Greenland! Chris talks about how the trip came about as well as the food, the landscape, the population, the people, the landscape, the gay life, the lack of trees and more. He also talks about his work as a reality producer and his days as a print journalist and his favorite stories to work on. Other topics include: his best award show story, going to Rio, the birthmark people think is a hickey, getting a fourth quarter plan and working as a PA on The Nanny when he first moved to LA.


To watch a cool video of Greenland, click HERE and use the password ICD.



10 • 11 • 2016 ••• JUST BE YOU AND KEEP AT IT

w/ Evolution Media founder Doug Ross (Botched, Real Housewives of OC & BH)

Dennis visits the Burbank office of Doug Ross, founder of Evolution Media, the company behind such hit reality shows as Botched, The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules and many others. Doug talks about how Botched came to be, the teens-at-camp show Bug Juice that started his career, working on the first seasons of Big Brother and Fear Factor then getting unceremoniously let go and how he manages to be a decent person in a cut-throat business. There's also lots of Houeswives talk--how he deals with all the personalities, which housewife makes him laugh, getting calls from Housewives at all hours and the shocking accident that shook up the recent season of Orange County. Other topics include: the advice he got from Norman Lear, the first time he saw a dirty magazine, the coolest place he's gotten to go for work and how he manages to stay sane in an insane business. www.evolutionmedia.com


w/ Derek and Romaine 2.0 radio host Romaine Patterson

Dennis heads to Anaheim to chat with radio host Romaine Patterson about her recently launched radio show with Derek Hartley, Derek & Romaine 2.0. She talks about her first meeting with Derek, the pain of being let go from Sirius/XM, the hard work of launching DNR 2.0 and meeting her wife Iris through the show. She also talks about her terrific book "The Whole World Was Watching...Living in the Light of Matthew Shepard," her relationship with her brother Michael who dies of AIDS, all the media she did in the wake of Matthew's murder, coming up with Angel Action idea to distract from Fred Phelps' protests, being photographed in her angel outfit by David LaChapelle and the challenge of moving on. Other topics include: Barbie torture, being on the speech team in high school, working for GLAAD, punking a homophobe on MTV and the unforgettable birthday party thrown for her by her friend Matthew Shepard.  www.derekandromaine.com