10 • 25 • 2017 ••• I'M A BIG FAN OF HOPE

w/ God's Own Country writer-director Francis Lee & actor Alec Secareanu

Dennis sits down with two of the men behind the acclaimed new film "God's Own Country," about a isolated gay man living and working on his family's farm on the north of England who hires a Romanian migrant worker to help out on the farm and sparks fly. Writer-Director Francis Lee talks about returning to the area he had grown up in to make his gay romance, the reaction of the locals, his rules about costuming and camera movement and his approach to directing his actors through physically and emotionally intimate scenes. Actor Alec Secareanu talks about how he came to be cast in the film, delivering a baby lamb on camera, acting in English for the first time and what it was like to see the film on the big screen for the first time. Then both men take a few questions from the Observation Deck leading to answers involving knives, filmmaker Mike Leigh, the films "Dirty Dancing," "Philadelphia" and "Sophie's Choice" and serving brownies in a mall.


10 • 17 • 2017 ••• THE JOY OF PFEIFFERING

w/ Exit Strategy producers Jon Imparato and Adam Silver

Dennis visits the LA LGBT Center's Davidson/Valentini Theater to talk to Jon Imparato and Adam Silver, producers of the powerful play "Exit Strategy," about one Chicago high school's fight for survival. Adam also stars in the show as school's in-over-his-head Vice Principal. The pair talk about what drew them to the play, how they found their powerhouse cast, why the show speaks so powerfully to this moment, and why Chicago actors rock. They also talk about the gay content in the show, playing befuddlement, using Pfeiffer as a verb and what they hope audiences take away from the show. Jon and Adam both pull questions from the Observation Deck which leads to stories involving school lunches, Hitchcock damage, Goldie Hawn, Liza Minnelli, Dustin Hoffman and turning 60 in Venice, Italy.



Comedy Goddess Julie Brown (The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun: The Musical)

Dennis visits the L.A. home of comedy icon Julie Brown to talk about the L.A. return of her hit stage show "The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun: The Musical," recording the 1984 EP "Goddess in Progress" that featured the song, playing a teenager when she's well into her 20's and how she approaches that in the era of mass shootings. She also discusses the origins of her iconic "Truth of Dare"-parody "Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful," what her son thinks of her comedy, her first writing credit on an Olivia Newton-John special, playing Melania Trump and Kim Kardashian in "The MisMatch Game," her breakthrough MTV series "Just Say Julie," what lesbians think of her "Clueless" portrayal, how Alicia Silverstone blew her mind and her relationship to her gay fans. Dennis proclaims that Julie is one of his favorite famous people because she doesn't project that "I'm special" vibe and Julie talks about her relationship to fame. Other topics include: writing "Camp Rock" for Disney, how Nick Jonas brightened her world, the nightmare screen test she had to do for "Earth Girls Are Easy," the tears of Demi Lovato, her spirituality, the coke-iness of 80's Hollywood, how Lily Tomlin changed her life, playing a stripper on "Quantum Leap," doing a valley girl character before the song "Valley Girl," being high on the set of "Happy Days," the bad haircut she blames on mushrooms, making out with Jim Carrey and why she won't be giving Cicely Tyson a standing ovation any time soon. www.juliebrown.com

What's Julie's favorite souvenir from a job? This heart-shaped tribute to her dead dog Buster...from  Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful

What's Julie's favorite souvenir from a job? This heart-shaped tribute to her dead dog Buster...from Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful