The cast of  Screening Party  the pilot: Nora Burns, Felix Pire, Ossie Beck, Dennis Hensley, Tony Tripoli and Erin Quill

The cast of Screening Party the pilot: Nora Burns, Felix Pire, Ossie Beck, Dennis Hensley, Tony Tripoli and Erin Quill

Screening Party is a TV pilot I produced with John Carrozza and Doug Prinzivalli of Velvet Candy Entertainment. It was directed by Chil Kong. The pilot played many film festivals and is now available on YouTube as a 4-part webseries.

Here’s the blurb from the DVD box:

Mystery Science Theater meets Friends in Screening Party , a short film/pilot about six friends and the movie-watching parties that bring them together.  

When journalist Dennis (Dennis Hensley) gets assigned to write about Pretty Woman for Marquee magazine's “Hooray for Hollywood Hookers” issue, he invites five friends over to screen, celebrate and skewer the modern-day Cinderella story.   The partiers include his roommate Tony (Tony Tripoli), a burnt-out cruise ship crooner who's desperately looking for new gig on land; Lauren (Erin Quill), a relationship-challenged aspiring stand-up comic; Marcos (Felix Pire), a sweet-natured attorney who never met a tangent he couldn't go off on; Ross (Ossie Beck), a Opera-loving video clerk with multiple tattoos and arsenal of movie fun facts at the ready; and Dr. Beverly Beaverman (Nora Burns), the shrink next door who finds Freudian psychological meanings in everything she sees ("Tell me that snapping jewelry box doesn't represent a vagina with teeth.”)   Together, they do their best to make sense of the 1990 Richard Gere-Julia Roberts romantic comedy classic while discovering that the movie's themes—sex, money, sex for money—resonate in their lives in ways both ridiculous and profound.  

Based on the opening chapters of the book by Dennis Hensley, Screening Party explores the ways pop culture can affect people's lives. Using well-known films as a point of departure, it explores the lives of these six characters; their hopes and dreams, lusts and heartbreaks, and how the ritual of getting together once a week to make fun of movies and their stars comes to mean more to them than they ever would have imagined. With insight, wit and campy reenactments, Screening Party is a fresh, fast-paced, exploration of the joys of friendship and the struggles that come with going after your dreams. So grab a seat on the couch, the party's just beginning.