In November of 2002, I had the opportunity to spend three fun, intense, unforgettable weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the set of a movie that I co-wrote called Testosterone. The film is directed by David Moreton (Edge of Seventeen) and based on the novel of the same name by the late great James Robert Baker. It stars David Sutcliffe, Antonio Sabato Jr., Jennifer Coolidge, Sonia Braga and a trio of sexy and talented Argentine actors; Celina Font, Leonardo Brzezicki and Dario Dukah (as the adorable hotel bellboy who doesn’t know I’m alive.)

My involvement with Testosterone began in May of 2002 when David Moreton asked me to collaborate on the script, which he had been developing for some time.  David and I had already been working together for over a year on another screenplay--the screwball caper comedy Tom Foolery—and had developed a great friendship and working relationship.  So I was happy to get involved with Testosterone.  The story’s twisted sense of humor and film noir underpinnings were right up my alley.  David and I worked hard on the script together over the summer and by fall I was in Argentina watching it all come to life.

The film premiered in the fall of 2003 at the Toronto International Film Festival, then made its U.S. debut in June at the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  In July, it played to our hometown crowd at Outfest in Los Angeles and hit theaters in the fall of 2004.


And it looks like someone posted the whole movie on YouTube…with Spanish subtitles…and you can check in out HERE.