My name is Dennis Hensley and I’m a writer, performer and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. I do a lot of different things. I often joke that I bounce from different projects because I keep hoping one of them will take. But it’s not really a joke. I’ve had to bounce around to make a living.

But there is one thing that unites a lot of my work. It’s that I try my best to capture what it’s like to be someone else. That’s true if I’m interviewing someone for my Dennis Anyone? podcast or my Lifecast side business. It’s true if I’m writing a script for Wondery’s Imagined Life podcast. It’s even the theme of the party game I co-created with my friend Jeb Havens, You Don’t Know My Life!

What’s it like to be you?

I never get tired of asking that question…and I’m so happy and grateful that lots of people have let me.

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